China Hairdressing Cape Vendor

China Hairdressing Cape Vendor

If you are a hairdressing brand or a hairdressing cape reseller, getting a hairdressing cape vendor that sells high-quality hairdressing capes at the best prices is essential. Hairdressing capes are considered necessary in the hairdressing salon, but that does not mean you can not still maximize your profits while getting a high-quality hairdressing cape.

What is a Hairdressing Cape?

China Hairdressing Cape Vendor-EAPRON- Apron, Oven mitt, Pot holder, Tea towel, Table cloth

A hairdressing cape is a full-covering garment worn by a hair salon’s customers during the hair treatment and plaiting session. The cape covers the customer’s cloth and skin and protects them from chemicals, products, and hair.

Factors to Consider in a Hairdressing Cape vendor.

There is a lot of competition in the hairdressing cape business, and they all want to entice you regardless of their quality and prices. Here are things to consider to get the best hairdressing cape vendor.


The best vendor location is China. China textile companies are skilled in textile making and are known for good customer service and delivery. Because of their years of experience, they know how to get the best quality material, make durable hairdressing capes and aprons, and deliver to customers far and wide. With these criteria, you can narrow down your search.


Being located in China is not enough to pick a vendor. The vendor also ought to have built an excellent reputation to show they are reliable. So, start from the years of experience they have in textile making, then you can move on to the customer’s review and then their customer base. If they have impressive reviews, you should consider them.

Product Quality

China Hairdressing Cape Vendor-EAPRON- Apron, Oven mitt, Pot holder, Tea towel, Table cloth

Why buy from a company that will not sell the best quality products? Check their product catalog and customer review to know if you will get your money’s worth. Also, look at how good their packaging is. And if they offer customization, check if the printing quality is top-notch.


You are not here to check for the lowest prices but the most reasonable and competitive ones. A vendor can sell at low prices but deliver low-quality products, so you have to be careful in choosing. To know if you are getting the best prices, compare the prices of two to three reputable companies. Also, have it in mind that if you are getting in bulk, you will get



A company should be able to avert risks, especially when they deliver nothing but the best. To assure their customers, reputable companies have policies protecting them when incidences happen. For instance, if you do not get the quality you expect, you can get a refund or exchange if the company has return/ exchange policies. This can also work when you receive damaged goods.


China Hairdressing Cape Vendor-EAPRON- Apron, Oven mitt, Pot holder, Tea towel, Table cloth

A China hairdressing cape vendor should not be limited in their products. They should have hairdressing capes made of different materials, in various designs and styles. This might not be a determining factor, but it is essential, especially if you are a reseller.

Customization options

China Hairdressing Cape Vendor-EAPRON- Apron, Oven mitt, Pot holder, Tea towel, Table cloth

If you are a hairdressing brand buying for your business, you should consider going for a China hairdressing cape vendor that offers customization. If they offer customization options, you can easily brand your hairdressing capes at lower prices than when you get a third-party printing company.

The customization does not have to be your logo; it can be an image, art, or wordings.

How to Get the Best from Hairdressing Cape Vendors

China Hairdressing Cape Vendor-EAPRON- Apron, Oven mitt, Pot holder, Tea towel, Table cloth

If you keep buying from a hairdressing cape vendor, you should learn how to get the best from them.

Place Bulk Orders

Buying bulk from a China hairdressing cape vendor allows you to get the best prices because you can get discounts despite getting them at wholesale prices. This will enable you to gain more customers while maximizing your profit.

Form a relationship

The same way you ought to form a relationship with your customers is the same way you should develop a relationship with your supplier. Building your business is more than a cash transaction between you and a computer; speak to the person behind the laptop.

When you form a relationship with your supplier, you will find it easier to make inquiries, specify your order, and ask for discounts. You can also get customized hairdressing capes because the supplier trusts you to pay.

And you can get offers like installment payment options, special discounts, etc.

Refer them

Referring to your supplier is a way of building a relationship with them and getting special offers. There might be referral bonuses for everyone one you prefer. So, refer people to the suppliers and let them know.

And if there are no referral bonuses, you would have built a good relationship with the supplier making it easy to be on the list when there are seasonal gifts from the supplier.

What to Look for in a Hairdressing Cape

China Hairdressing Cape Vendor-EAPRON- Apron, Oven mitt, Pot holder, Tea towel, Table cloth

Here are some features to consider when making order specifications for the hairdressing capes.


China Hairdressing Cape Vendor-EAPRON- Apron, Oven mitt, Pot holder, Tea towel, Table cloth

Hairdressing capes can be made from different materials ranging from vinyl and polyester to plastic. The material will determine its quality and comfort. So, ensure you go for breathable, comfortable, and high-quality materials.


The color of the hairdressing cape matters to your shop’s interior decoration and brand’s color. So, get a color that fits the two. Also, you should get a color that will not get stained easily by your products and will be easy to wash.


The hairdressing cape must fit your customers. You might not get a size that will suit all; you should consider getting different sizes for all your customers.


Some hairdressing capes come with loops to tie around the neck, while others come with Velcro closures; you can get the two for your customers to decide which is more comfortable.


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